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Dragon Well Organic, Green tea

$30.00 AUD

Dragon Well or Longjing is a delicate Green grown in Longjing Village near the West lake in the Zhejiang Province. Known as the Queen of green varieties this style of green has been made since 618 BC. A delicate and hands on process from picking to roasting and rolling only done by the tea making masters bare hands.
Subtle notes and an elegance is what drew me to this tea. Its deep history and passion for perfection is what kept me.
Best brewed Gongfu style these leaves can withstand high temps and lend well to leaves in a bowl.

Coming in three sizes
15g small glass jar
50g in cork topped jar
100g large jar
Brewing tips (Gongfu style)
brew;      75-80c   20-30 second steep
 Second brew;     80c,     30 second steep
Third brew;       80-85c,  40 second steep            
   Fourth brew;      85c,     50-60 second steep
 Fifth brew     85c,     120 second steep