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Organic Wild Tanyang

$35.00 AUD

A True Gongfu Tea even in name often referred to as Tanyang Gongfu cha. Grown near Tanyang in the Fujian region the trees are Wild and free. As spring rolls in the tea masters pluck the fine delicate leaves, first of the season. These leaves are twisted and fermented to create a tea that is sweet yet bold. Brewing best in Gongfu cha ceremony these leaves also thrive in leaves in a bowl.

3 sizes available.

25g in a small glass jar,

50g in a medium Cork topped jar

100g in a large ceramic jar

Brewing tips (Gongfu Style)
First brew,,    Boiling water   Flash
Second brew,  
Boiling water   Flash
Third brew,   Boiling water   15 seconds
Forth brew,   Boiling water   25 seconds
Fifth brew,   Boiling water   30 seconds