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No Waste No Trace

Natural Dyes

All our dyes are naturally occurring colours from plants, organic sources  and waste products.
This means they aren't harsh on the skin or harsh on the environment.

Being natural dyes that also means colour fade will happen with time, sun exposure and with multiple washes. 
A cold water machine wash and Warm tumble dry is the best approach to maintain the garment colour for longer

Our turmeric, Charcoal, spinach and spiralina coloured shirts are as the names suggest straight from turmeric, Charcoal or spinach and spiralina.

We also have some special blends like the Purple which comes from Brazilwood bark blended with limestone. our indigo dye comes from the fermented plant matter of the Indigofera tinctoria plant and fermented to make the amazing blue colour.

The Dreggs colour blend is a special mix of waste products from left over coffee grounds, old wine and flat beer. each time the colour is a little different as the dye products are different too. 
All are sourced as waste from cafes and wine cellars.
We aim at no waste and using all that we can.