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No Waste No Trace

Our Story

No moss was crafted out of necessity and passion.
My Name is Jordan and I have spent a lot of my life trying help the people,
To help people I have studied and learnt many things from food sciences and how it interacts with the body to healing modalities such as remedial massage and myotherapy. 
With experience of what does and doesn't work I have collected a selection of products and blends that I use in my life to clear out my system of toxins and to realign my body with where I want it to be.

I have found the best materials and plastic free products I could to slow and even stop my footprint on this beautiful planet of ours.

No moss' aim is to reduce waste we leave on this planet while also caring for your body at he same time. All the glass jars are amber to increase product life for these products or for anything you store in them.
The T-shirts are all durable Hemp and organic cotton blends that will last the test of time while also being soft and stylish.
The tea is loose and stored in a reusable hessian bag which with the refill system can be used again (more info on homepage, refill and reuse).


A long story short :
No moss wants to help people to heal and balance their bodies while not harming the earth in the process.