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Tee Sizing

Our Tees are tall Tees, that means they are longer than your average t-shirt as we aim to give that little more flow and cover with our tees. 
The dyed shirts are a little smaller in size compared to the natural shirts as the dying process tightens and shrinks the fabric a little. 
If you like a short tee go with one size under your normal size but if you have worn a tall tee before and you  know whats up,
The dimensions for Dyed shirts are,

Small: L;73cm x W; 45cm

Medium: L;78cm x W; 46cm

Large: L; 81cm x W; 53cm
Natural coloured shirt dimensions are:

Small: L; 78cm x W;46cm

Medium: L;84cm x  W;49cm

Large: L; 85cm x W; 55cm 

Variations in sizes may happen as products are coloured.

Shrinkage from hot water is common but only minor as the shirts are organic hemp.